Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Three days and counting!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
We had a great morning together!

We started our day with a team Q-Bitz challenge. We worked in teams of three to create different pictures with our set of patterned blocks. We were tested on both accuracy and speed as the first three teams to correctly complete the picture and show it to Mme Careen won points for their team; 1st: 25 points, 2nd: 20 points, 3rd: 10 points.
Our teams were randomly selected, and after every 6 puzzles, we changed teams. We played three rounds in total.
Our next challenge will come on Thursday of this week as we attempt the same challenge using the
Q-Bitz Extreme blocks. So fun!

Next up, was our paper airplane challenge. We each received 3 sheets of paper and had 20 minutes to create the best airplanes we could. Some of us chose to follow one of the six templates posted around the class while others decided to come up with our own original design.

After our airplanes were ready to go, we headed down to the gym to test them out!
Some of our planes flew SO far!

We headed outside for the last part of our morning to put Bernoulli's Principle to the test. We started by looking at the different shapes and sizes of the frisbees and then tried to compare the differences in their flight paths as we passed them to our partners. It was pretty windy outside however, so most of our time was spent running and chasing after the frisbees rather than catching them.
Mme Careen also requested we yell out "Bernoulli" each time we threw a frisbee, which was pretty silly, but she was fairly insistent that it would make our frisbees fly a bit better. ;)

Friday, 23 June 2017

Fidget spinner Friday!

Happy Friday!

Mme Page was back with us today for another 3-Act lesson...
and we got to use our fidget spinners to kick-off the class!
Today we had to, first: figure out what information we would need to calculate how long a fidget spinner would spin for and second: actually complete the calculation itself.
To solve today's math problem, we had to use long division which some of us found a bit tricky.
Mme Page showed us a cool way to do long division that made dividing bigger numbers seem not so bad! Thanks, Mme! :)

Watch the fidget spinner video HERE!

This afternoon we also had a chance to welcome our incoming Grade 6s (this year's current Grade 5s) to our building. We all met in the gym for a message from Mme Buckwold before the 5s headed off to see their new classroom spaces and we stayed in the gym as a group to watch a video.

A group of us worked very hard at organizing the class and decorating the boards 
to ensure our new students felt very welcome! Thanks, team! 

Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A visit from Mme Page!

We were happy to welcome Mme Page back into our Math classroom this morning.
She really made us think hard!

We started by watching THIS VIDEO and then shared what Math we noticed in the video.

Next, we watched the video again and came up what Math question we were going to try and solve. This was a different type of Math thinking for us, as we are usually told the question first.

Working in teams and using materials (post-it notes and a large paper to represent the large post-it note) we got to work to figure out how many small post-it notes it would take to cover the large one. At first, we estimated it would take 16, but then quickly noticed the fourth post-it in each row was a bit too big to fit.
How would we figure out the answer now?

After folding, drawing dotted lines, cutting and reorganizing our post-it notes... and using what we already knew about fractions, we were able to come up with a solution!

Do you think you could solve a question like this? Check out the video and give it a try!
Good luck! :)


We started our day together in the gym celebrating our Term 3 successes.
Congratulations to our classmates who were recognized in this morning's assembly!

Félicitations Kaedan, Kacey et Nina!
Also recognized this morning (but without picture proof, unfortunately):
Nina - for her continued success in athletics (presented by M. d'Auteuil)
Josh - for his great improvement in Art this year (presented by Ms. Arsenault)

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Field Trip Day!

What a great day for a field trip!

All ready for our Exchange walking tour!
Here are the first few stops on our tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable and shared so many great stories about Winnipeg's history.
We learned about the Winnipeg General Strike on our tour and saw the alley of the infamous "Bloody Saturday."
We also got to go inside the Pantages Theatre and learn about Pantages himself, and how many believe he still haunts the theatre to this day.
Next up was lunch! I don't think Smoke's Poutinerie has ever been so busy!
Also, as part of the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, there was free performance on the Cube stage in Old Market Square, so we all had a chance to enjoy some great music while we ate!
We started our afternoon with a guided tour in the Manitoba Museum and explored the Nonsuch (aka: the big pirate ship), too.
We ended our day in the Science Centre and had so much fun exploring and being silly, too!

All students were great ambassadors of our school and even received recognition from the 
Exchange Tours guides complementing them on their respectfulness and enthusiasm! 
Way to go, Knights! :)

P.S. Our class was divided into two groups for the day, with one group starting in the Exchange and the other group starting at the Manitoba Museum with M. d'Auteuil. We all met up for lunch in Old Market Square before switching activities in the afternoon. Unfortunately, that means I only got photos of half our class... but I do know that the other group also had a great time with both activities and had fun spending the day with M. d'Auteuil, too! :)

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Last call for missing/incomplete work!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
We are one day closer to the end of Term 3, and with that, comes a last call for any students who may still be holding on to work that is now past due.

(Please excuse the not-so-great quality of the picture).
With the exception of "Questions: Songdo" and "Processus de design: aéronef" (which we have just started/will be starting in class tomorrow), all items on this list should have already been completed and handed in.
My classroom will be open tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday at 12:15 for students to complete their work.

Many thanks for your continued support!
Have a great afternoon! :)